ZTE PowerEM Smart Metering Solution

  • Background and Customer Demands
    The traditional meters and the manual meter reading mode are outdated and become more costly. New technologies are badly needed to replace manual meter reading. In addition, the power industry requires less grid loss and higher power supply quality, so it needs to collect more data of grid operation status accurately at a higher frequency.
    Solution Introduction

    The ZTE PowerEM smart metering solution, based on the advanced metering architecture (AMI), is an all-round smart metering solution. The PowerEM stands for Power Efficiency Master, which focuses on improving energy efficiency and industry working efficiency. The solution is composed of the platform layer, network layer, and terminal layer in architecture. The platform layer is the command center of the AMI, which contains the metering data management system, headend system, billing system, field installation management system, and customer information management system. Communication is the core technology of smart meters. ZTE makes full use of wired, wireless, PLC, and mobile network communications to bridge smart meters and the smart metering platform. In terms of metering terminals, ZTE provides rich products, covering all voltage classes, application scenarios, and specifications in the smart grid.

    Application Scenarios

    The smart metering solution covers all nodes of the power grid, including power generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization, and measures and monitors the electric energy at all nodes. Especially at the power utilization node, the smart metering solution supports remote meter reading and grid data collection and can configure and control users’ lines remotely. As for power generation, transmission, and distribution, the solution can collect and analyze data of control nodes, together with the data of the utilization node, to analyze and detect the line loss and power supply of the entire lines.

    As a new player in the smart metering domain, ZTE makes innovations throughout the whole architecture:
    ● For the platform, ZTE makes the following innovations and improvements in addition to basic functionalities: the post-pay/pre-pay convergence system, which supports multiple user payment modes and reduces losses caused by user migration, the field installation management system, which supports electrical processes of meter installation to improve working efficiency, and the power stealing detection function, which monitors user behaviors based on big data analysis to minimize losses of the power company.
    ● ZTE boasts its leading position in the communications industry, so it introduces LoRa, OFDM PLC + LoRa, and NB-IoT technologies into the smart metering solution.
    ● As for terminals, ZTE innovatively combines the AMI and STS to offer the postpay/prepay convergence system and meter terminals, which meet diversified user requirements and reduce losses caused by user migration.
    Customer Value

    ZTE’s smart metering solution is a revolutionary technical change in the power industry.
    ● Unlike traditional meters, the smart metering solution no longer needs human labors to read the meters, so that power companies can save a large amount of labor costs.
    ● The smart metering solution can collect data at a frequency of hours or even minutes. Detailed data necessitates precise regulation and forecast of the power grid so that the connection and interaction between the grid and users are enhanced and the grid working efficiency is further improved.
    ●For users, the smart metering solution provides detailed bills and a convenient user portal. The Time of Use rate allows users to use power flexibly and save expenses.

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