Cloud Computing and G&E Services


Based on years of experience in concept and technology, ZTE builds up future-oriented innovative and interactive education models and aims to establish a top 1 brand in the education industry.


ZTE General Education Cloud Desktop Solution

ZTE has developed the professional cloud desktop solution that is suitable for different scenarios of general education. The solution, using ZTE iClass teaching management software, supports fast switching between different teaching environments, language teaching, and GPU virtualization desktop. With cloud anti-virus, the teachers can access their secure office cloud desktop with various mobile terminals.

ZTE Higher Education Cloud Desktop Solution

ZTE cloud desktop solution, by eliminating hardware silos of schools, can provide more advanced functions than traditional PCs, with simplified management, lower power consumption and mobile office. It also supports server virtualization to migrate some server software to the cloud platform to increase hardware utilization and improve high reliability of servers.

ZTE Courier Classroom Solution

ZTE's courier classroom solution applies cutting-edge information and communication technologies to teaching scenarios for promoting the balanced development of education.

ZTE Distance Interactive Classroom Solution

The boutique interaction classroom of ZTE’s distance interactive classroom solution (five-position self-tracking) supports teaching image capture, coding and combined recording of teacher close-up, student close-up, dynamic PPT image signals, classroom panorama and remote classroom image. Students in other classrooms and campuses can watch the class online. Leveraging the state-of-the-art AR teaching technology, the solution supports interactive teaching activities between schools to enable students in remote areas to share the teaching resources of high-quality schools, greatly reducing teaching costs and promoting balanced development of education.

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