Cloud Computing and G&E Services


ZTE financial industry solution allows financial customers to transform traditional IT to cloud computing, make business innovations, and improve competitive strength.


ZTE Finance Cloud Data Center Solution

ZTE’s cloud data center solution for the finance industry supports distributed deployment and flexible scaling of IT resources and allows quick iteration of service applications in full lifecycle.

ZTE finance Server Replacement Solution

The server replacement solution uses “X86 server + cloud platform” or “X86 server + distributed database” to build up a secure and controllable open platform.

ZTE Finance-Class Distributed Transactional Database Solution

Make the banking businesses secure, autonomous and controllable, break the closed traditional database architecture to build a new-generation core banking business system.

ZTE Finance Cloud Desktop Solution

ZTE provides the independently-developed end-to-end financial cloud desktop solution . The solution is suitable for scenarios including R&D secure office, call center and business hall.

ZTE Finance Contact Center Solution

ZTE finance contact center solution, leveraging the full-cloud-based distributed architecture, features large capacity, high integration, strong networking capability, powerful service support, rich media resources, flexible deployment, intelligent services based on intelligent recognition engine and robot. ZTE has achieved complete dominance in the NGCC domain.

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