ZTE Government Cloud Solution

  • Background and Customer Demands

    At present, China is entering a new stage of transforming and upgrading industries. China’s 13th five-year plan requires breaking the information barriers and “islands” and constituting a unified, effective, interactive, secure, and reliable national data resource system. Specifically, it requires that the government should regard the cloud computing technology system as the direction of the government informatization development. All the local governments should initiate the construction of the government cloud platform to achieve government service innovation, information resources sharing, and data security assurance.     

    Solution Introduction

    Based on in-depth understanding of government informatization, ZTE provides an elastic, flexible, efficient, and secure government cloud solution to apply cloud computing technology to government information construction. The solution can further integrate and share IT resources of governmental organizations and provide a unified e-government Internet cloud platform resource pool for government committees, offices, and bureaus to deploy their informatization systems. As a basis for data resource sharing, the solution greatly reduces government’s IT cost and improves O&M and service efficiency. 

    ZTE government cloud solution is based on the OpenStack open architecture and makes enterprise-level optimization in high availability, high performance and high elasticity of services and high efficiency of resources. It integrates isolated physical devices such as data center, server, storage, network, and security to realize an end-to-end solution that enables hardware resource virtualization, sharing, and unified management. It can provide strong support for government informatization construction.  

    Solution Highlights

    ● End-to-end platform-level solution: It provides consulting and top-level design capabilities, provides a total solution covering data center, hardware infrastructure, and application migration, and provides supported services and tools such as system integration, network security design, and service deployment on cloud. The solution offers the end-to-end delivery capability and can provide a complete government cloud for the customers. 
    ● Security and reliability: The complete security solution includes physical security, network security, host cloud security, application security, data security, and operation management security, and has a complete trust security system. It meets the national Requirements for Classified Security Protection of Information System, with rich success cases of government cloud projects meeting the class-3 security protection requirements. ZTE provides the two-site three-center solution to ensure security and stability of the cloud environment.  

    ● Rich experience and cases: The OpenStack-based cloud platform solution is independently developed by ZTE. ZTE has rich experience in delivering provincial and municipal government cloud projects, and has deployed over 50 government cloud platforms into commercial use in projects such as Hunan E-government Cloud, Liuzhou Government Cloud, Zhuhai Government Cloud, and Yinchuan Government Cloud projects. 

    Customer Benefits

    ● Information sharing and data interconnection: IT resources are shared to greatly increase utilization and realize government data sharing and exchange.
    ● Unified management and efficient O&M: The O&M efficiency increases by 70% averagely, and O&M cost is reduced by 40%.
    ● Agile service and quick launch: The average service launch time is reduced from 90 days to a few days. 
    ● Unified security protection and compliance: The platform security reliability can reach up to 99%, and the active-active data centers are provided for service continuity. 

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