Cloud Computing and G&E Services


ZTE solutions for the government help government customers make significant improvements in informatization development, government service innovation, and efficiency promotion.


ZTE Smart City Solution

ZTE is committed to building Smart City with efficient urban management, full-time public services, and green economic development.

ZTE Government Cloud Solution

ZTE's government cloud solution features high elasticity, high flexibility, high efficiency, and high security. It lays a foundation for future data resource exchange, reduces IT construction costs, and improves O&M and service efficiency.

ZTE E-Government Video Cloud Solution

ZTE e-government video cloud solution allows efficient cross-department and cross-region video communications for administrative conference, office collaboration, command and dispatching, and training between all levels of the government. It also supports public service applications such as event negotiation and public consultation. It helps the government greatly cut travel expense, improve government service efficiency and public satisfaction.

ZTE National Data Center Solution

The national data center solution can support users to carry out all kinds of businesses, meet user requirements for low cost, quick delivery, and on-demand deployment, and provide differentiated service portals and all-round security assurance to ensure efficient and stable operation of the cloud computing platform.

ZTE Medical Cloud Desktop Solution

ZTE offers an independently-developed end-to-end medical cloud desktop solution, covering hardware including server, disk array, switch and cloud terminal, and software including server virtualization, virtualization software and cloud desktop. The solution provides unified O&M, user management and application software environment, which is suitable for various hospital working scenarios.

ZTE Procuratorate Cloud Desktop Solution

The solution provides data storage security, transmission security, fast dual-network switching (access one desktop at a time), optical network terminal access and unified management of various network devices to make procuratorates’ office work more secure and convenient, easier to manage, and more energy-efficient.

ZTE Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution

By expanding and optimizing the traditional intelligent video surveillance solutions in architecture, functionality, and application, ZTE successfully establishes open, Intelligent, and cloudified Intelligent video surveillance solutions.

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