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5G Service Quality Management

With the continuous commercial use of 5G networks, various new types of network services continue to emerge. Based on the AI + big data technology, ZTE proposes 5G service quality management solution, which is oriented to three types of 5G application scenarios (mMTC / eMBB / uRLLC), with the direction of comprehensive intelligence and self optimization, to escort 5G service quality management.

● Take experience as the core demand, through the comprehensive perspective of users, businesses and regions, link the wireless, bearer, core network and customer service departments,  to provide data basis for operators' decision-making.
● Fully support the experience modeling of mainstream 5G applications such as VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality, HD video, cloud games, etc.
● Establish and solidify standardized experience management analysis methods and processes, and improve the unified operation level of operators through the system's self optimization capability adaptation analysis scenario.

Business Value
● Through this solution, the user experience of various businesses such as VR and cloud games owned by operators can be guaranteed, and the differentiated management with competing products can be realized.
● In the vertical industry scenario, with the experience modeling ability provided by the solution, provides the SLA service visibility and guarantee ability, which can be accepted by both the vertical application manufacturer and the operator.
● Through this solution, the internet business with poor experience can be explored, and the space for improving the business experience can be quantified. Based on this, the marketing department can formulate the reasonable 2B sales model and sales strategy.