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5G Intelligent Network Optimization

To solve the problems such as more complex parameters and higher requirements for user perception in the multi-service scenario of the 5G reconstruction network , ZTE's AI intelligent platform based 5G optimization solution, with the AI algorithms as its core, meets the requirements of multiple scenarios such as coverage, interference, capacity, rate and parameter in the 5G network, constructs an intelligent network optimization solution, creates the 5G mobile superb network network, and brings perfect service experience to users.

● Fast self-evaluation: The NetNumen U31 collects MR data, EMS configurations, KPIs, alarms, and logs of the big data platform and EMS, and rapidly evaluates network quality and existing problems through the clustering algorithm.
● Efficient self-decision: AI algorithms based on neural network modeling and genetic optimization rapidly determine network optimization policies and output optimization parameters.
● Closed-loop self-optimization: The AI platform automatically delivers optimization parameters, and optimizes site parameters through the EMS to improve network quality accurately.

Business Value
● Greatly improves the efficiency of mobile network optimization.
● Improve the capability of accurately locating network problems.
● Improve Automation and Build Digital Transformation Networks.