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5G Intelligent O&M

ZTE introduces 5G Intelligent O&M Solution to address issues in operation caused by increasing in complexity and diversity of 5G networks. Based on ZTE's unique AI enabling platform, ZTE 5G Intelligent O&M Solution addresses a range of maintenance challenges facing by service providers in the 5G era. 5G Intelligent O&M Solution includes high-value applications for different scenarios such as AI-enabled fault prediction, traffic prediction, KPI abnormality detection, smart RCA, work order suppression, AI-enabled smart optimization, and AI-enabled Site Energy Saving. 

● Based on ZTE's new AI enablement platform and big data platform, with O-domain data as the basis, AI algorithm as the means and core O&M process as the guide, it has such features as component atomization, model dragging, application expansibility and service customization.
● Proactive prevention and prediction of service alarms and performance, and identification and elimination of actual faults or performance bottlenecks before they occur.
● Apply dozens of mature algorithms such as neural network, decision tree, WeightedApriori and FP-Growth to 5G intelligent O&M service platform in different scenarios.

Business Value
● Transform from the manual based, largely event triggered network operation mode to 5G oriented intelligent and proactive operation mode.
● Decrease the huge investment of operators in manpower, tools and skills improvement when deploy and operate their new 5G network.
● Help to exploit and improve the potential and skills of current maintenance personnel to quickly adopt to their operation activity in 5G network.