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5G Precise Planning

In the early stage of 5G network development, ZTE creatively proposed 5G precise planning solution based on 4G network data in order to solve the accuracy problem of network planning. The solution is based on the 4G wireless network data such as PM / MR data, engineering parameters and geographic information, through scenario based station selection, combined with the parameter planning of the field environment and user data, accurately predict the coverage of the planning network, and intelligently mine the value area. Based on the investment income, the solution also multi-dimensional comprehensively evaluates the site priority, to promote the operators to invest resources in the most value area, help operators to explore the optimal solution of network construction and improve the cost performance of network construction. With the development of 5G network, this solution supports the integrated planning solution combined with 4G / 5G existing network data.

● Supports the overall collaborative planning of 4G / 5G network, identifies value areas based on existing network data, makes full use of existing resources, saves investment, and maximizes the investment income of operators.
● Through key technical means such as precise positioning, AI enabling and big data, the coverage prediction is more suitable for the actual existing network, and the prediction accuracy is greatly improved.
● Variety of intelligent features are provided, such as traffic suppression prediction, capacity intelligent prediction, wireless parameter intelligent optimization, and new site coverage effect intelligent prediction.

Business Value
● Based on value recognition, 4G/5G collaborative accurate planning supports refined network planning for different scenarios, provides differentiated parameter configuration for different scenarios, and automatically outputs scenario solutions based on different parameters. It also supports forward-looking network planning based on network development prediction, provides pre evaluation of solution effect, which ensures the solution is life-cycle and effective. Compared with the traditional planning method, the planning accuracy can be improved by 30%, and the planning efficiency can be improved by more than 70%.
● Targeted planning and guarantee for network quality in high-income areas, traffic suppression areas and 5G industry application areas (such as smart factories) effectively improve network quality, improve user experience, enhance user stickiness, and bring higher benefits to operators.
● It provides targeted solutions to the key scenarios that affect the operator's reputation, such as VIP users concentrated area, many complaints area, important competition for weak areas and new areas, so as to improve the user's evaluation of the network, ensure the stability for on-line users and the attraction for new users, and greatly enhance the brand value of the operator.