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5G Delivery

In response to the increasing demands for large-scale construction of 5G networks, ZTE has formulated an end-to-end intelligent delivery solution based on the Unified Management Expert (UME), a self-developed automated network O&M system, to facilitate network planning, construction, optimization, and maintenance. Combining cutting-edge technologies such as big data, virtualization technologies, and AI, and employing diversified intelligent tools, this solution effectively simplifies network delivery and improves delivery efficiency, enabling customers to solve complex issues in a more simplified manner. 

● UME, the core of the solution, employs micro-service architecture for more flexible network deployment, expansion and upgrade. It uses virtualization and AI technologies to perform unified management of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G NEs. In addition to basic network management, the UME provides wireless network slicing management, virtual NE life-cycle management, and intelligent O&M to promote automated and intelligent network maintenance. With mainstream northbound interfaces, the UME enables converged access for internal users and provides an open capability platform for external users, featuring sound scalability and feature customization.
● Use of diversified intelligent tools. Mongoose, a data exploration and analysis platform, implements intelligent network planning through AI algorithms. The Plug-and-Play (PnP) tool and the Unideploy that is designed for remote site commissioning enable simplified site commissioning, thus reducing the network construction cost. Wireless Network Guardian (WNG), an intelligent automated drive testing tool, and Geolocation Insight (NGI), the intelligent network optimization tool, enable virtual drive testing and intelligent network optimization. Network Intelligent Analytics (NIA), an intelligent O&M tool, implements such functions as intelligent fault diagnosis and self-optimization of antenna weight.
● Precise 5G transport networks provide precise channels, management and control, network diagnosis, and network synchronization, assisting operators in providing vertical industry customers with one network with differentiated business needs, and end-to-end network services with unified standards. 

Business Value
● Effectively reduce network delivery difficulty and improve delivery efficiency,  helping operators deploy 5G network efficiently.

● Promotion of 5G applications in vertical industries and acceleration of digital transformation by joining hands with operators and partners.

Success Story
● As a major player in the large-scale commercial use of 5G, ZTE has helped the four major operators in China to implement large-scale commercial use in 250 + cities, and has built benchmarking 5G networks in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and many other cities to realize super gigabit continuous coverage experience.
● In the overseas market, ZTE worked with Huchison Drei and launched Austria's first commercial 5G network. Together with Orange, ZTE successfully enabled Europe's first commercial X55-based 5G SA call. The company assisted Italy's Wind Tre in deploying customized 5G low-frequency and high-frequency products, as well as the related solutions.

Honors and Awards
● In November 2020, with its 5G intelligent network deployment solution, ZTE won the "5G Innovation Award" in the Beijing Industrial APP and the Information Innovation Competition.