End-to-end Network Deployment Tools

To meet the demand for large-scale 5G network construction, ZTE has developed a series of complete 5G intelligent delivery tool solutions based on big data and AI technologies. This solution covers all aspects of network planning, construction, optimization, maintenance, and operation. It improves delivery efficiency, reduces delivery difficulty and skill requirements for personnel responsible, and makes 5G network delivery more competitive.

● At the network planning stage, Mongoose, an AI algorithm-based data exploration and analysis platform, enables intelligent network planning.
● At the network construction stage, ZTE iEPMS system assists in the intelligent network delivery project management and the visualized progress management.
● At the network optimization stage, the intelligent drive testing tool Wireless Network Guardian (WNG), the intelligent network optimization tool Network Geolocation Insight (NGI), and the big data tool Value Multi-Analysis eXpert (VMAX), effectively improve the efficiency of network performance optimization.
● In the network O&M stage, the intelligent O&M tool Network Intelligent Analytics (NIA), implements intelligent analysis of network alarms and self-optimization of antenna weights.
● In the network operation stage, the intelligent AI-Centralized Self-Organizing Networks (AI-CSON) based on big data and AI technologies effectively reduce the operational cost of networks through intelligent control technologies such as intelligent site/cell/channel start-up and flexible adjusting.

Business Value
● The application of ZTE end-to-end intelligent delivery tools in planning, construction, maintenance, optimization, and operation phases can effectively simplify network deployment, improve network deployment efficiency, and accelerate the commercialization of 5G networks.
● Improve the intelligence of mobile networks, advancing digital transformation.