To meet the requirements for automation, intelligence, and agility in communications project delivery, ZTE took the lead in the industry by developing the iEPMS, an intelligent and digital project delivery management system, ensuring smoother information, item, and finance processes for each project. In addition, the system brings about higher efficiency and intelligence as it enables real-time and collaborative project management. Currently, the iEPMS system has been widely used in more than 40,000 projects around the world.

● Openness: The iEPMS system's support for flexible customization enables it to quickly interconnect different system modules of different customers, achieving efficient inter-company service coordination. Currently, the EPMS has been interconnected with the systems of multiple operators in China, Asia, Europe, Africa, and America.
● Data visualization: Based on the Data Middle Tier (DMT), the iEMPS can implement data extraction, convergence, cleaning, and data modeling. Also, it enables data visualization through mainstream BI tools, supporting efficient business operations and effective decision-making. 
● Progress management: As the iEPMS is designed with a three-tier architecture for engineering project plans, it can produce site plans through a single click. The system reports data on the progress of global projects for about 5 million times every month and in real time, sends those reports automatically, and analyzes differences, which makes the entire project delivery more transparent and controllable. 
● Document management: Customers, partners, and ZTE use the iEMPS to implement inter-company management of more than 3 million project documents every month. 
● Quality management: The iEPMS collects more than 2.6 million pictures of global project sites every month and generates related self-check quality reports, which greatly improves the efficiency of field quality inspection. 

Business Value
● Improve network O&M efficiency and reduce OPEX.
● Improve the intelligence of mobile networks and facilitates digital transformation continuously.