Digital Network Deployment Solution

In the context of digital transformation, the deployment of global communication networks is also undergoing digital transformation. With the coming of large-scale 5G deployment, network operators and service providers are facing the huge challenges of rapid and high-quality project delivery. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity have newly become the ordinary states of project environments. 
ZTE’s Digital Network Deployment Solution has changed the traditional network construction mode, making remote network construction a reality. Under the current situation of global pandemic, the solution maximally guarantees the quality and progress of communication network construction while protecting the health and safety of network builders, thus providing high-quality network support for global customers to fight against the pandemic through science and technology. 

● ZTE's Digital Network Deployment Solution consists of the “real-time, automatic, collaborative, visible” intelligent Engineering Project Management System (iEPMS), the “secure, real-time, and efficient” integrated cloud delivery solution, and the “intelligent, visible, agile, closed-loop” intelligent network O&M solution. The solution runs through the entire process of network planning, construction, optimization, maintenance, and operation.
● Experts can remotely access sites by using the Advanced Operations Suite (AOS) at the Global Cloud Delivery Center. With the help of end-to-end automatic tools and systems, such as the mobile phone site-commissioning tool UniDeploy, Auto Integration Center (AIC), Virtual Drive Test (VDT), and Value Multi-Analysis eXpert (VMAX), this solution can rapidly complete network construction, such as remote equipment deployment, drive tests, and optimization, in zero-contact mode, thus providing global operators with “zero-touch” and “instant demand-satisfying” online network delivery and O&M. 

Business Value
● Safety: All network delivery activities can be completed in zero-contact mode by remote experts, effectively reducing the risk of infection during the pandemic.
● High efficiency: Automatic tools, such as the mobile phone site-commissioning tool UniDeploy and AIC, enable remote site commissioning and deployment, which improves the efficiency by over 30%.
● Economy: The zero-touch cloud delivery mode can reduce OPEX by 15%, and the virtual drive test solution can reduce the cost of drive tests by 30%.
● Innovation: The AR remote O&M service system has been firstly launched to connect people and things at different locations worldwide. Remote experts provide simple, fast, and secure remote O&M responses and services through online audio & video interaction and dynamic marking, enormously improving O&M efficiency and reducing O&M costs. The system has been used effectively in more than ten countries around the world.
● Self-adaptation: The secure and cloud-based delivery mode allows experts to work remotely to perform network operations in a centralized manner. In case of global emergencies similar to the COVID-19 pandemic, the delivery mode provides more flexible self-adaptation, thus capable of leading transformation in the industry.