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Industry Focus

Digital Network Deployment

Digital Network Deployment Solution

ZTE’s Digital Network Deployment Solution has changed the traditional network construction mode, making remote network construction a reality. Under the current situation of global pandemic, the solution maximally guarantees the quality and progress of communication network construction while protecting the health and safety of network builders, thus providing high-quality network support for global customers to fight against the pandemic through science and technology.


To meet the requirements for automation, intelligence, and agility in communications project delivery, ZTE took the lead in the industry by developing the iEPMS, an intelligent and digital project delivery management system.

End-to-end Network Deployment Tools

To meet the demand for large-scale 5G network construction, ZTE has developed a series of complete 5G intelligent delivery tool solutions based on big data and AI technologies. This solution covers all aspects of network planning, construction, optimization, maintenance, and operation. It improves delivery efficiency, reduces delivery difficulty and skill requirements for personnel responsible, and makes 5G network delivery more competitive.