UniSeer Intelligent O&M Solution

By "foreseeing" the operational status of the network and service, ZTE UniSeer solution can transform passive O&M into proactive O&M, enabling the objective of "simplified O&M with excellent experience," and assists the operator in transformation of digital services. The UniSeer intelligent O&M solution covers nine intelligent application scenarios: "Precise planning, smart dynamic maintenance, one-stop virtualization service, perception exploration, smart optimization, super smart video,intelligent energy saving, weak light rectification, and flexible codec."

The three core capabilities of the ZTE UniSeer service solution provide simplified and predictive O&M experience for operators. 
● Multivariate data warehouse provides efficiency and robustness for comprehensive automation service, and it provides protection, refinement, and creation of new data values for value data.
● With AI-based modeling, training, and verification, offline lab becomes fully automatic and intelligent efficiency engines.
● Build a layered closed-loop network intelligence with a hierarchical AI engine, enabling capabilities to evolve step-by-step and intelligent stack.

Business Value
● Focus on 5G, ZTE UniSeer service solution can implement automatic and intelligent O&M life cycle management in multi-service scenario of the telecom service.
● Through simplification, fault prediction and active O&M, UniSeer can improve the perception of end users, and assist operators in the comprehensive transformation of digital services.

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