Customer Experience Assurance

Development Trend

With deployment of 3G/4G networks,mobile Internet services and smart terminals, when the mobile broadband service user number increased , operators are facing fierce competition. Providing differentiated, personalized, and high-quality mobile Internet service experience for customers is a core-value advantage that is continuable and unrelated to price. It is also an important method for operators to improve user  brand loyalty, motivate product innovation, and increase revenue. Customer experience management is the core of network operation and key of improving customer experience about mobile broadband services.

Challenges to Customers

Without a proper method, customer  experience of mobile data networks is invisible and unmanageable for a long time. This restricts operators to guarantee  and improve customer experience. Conventional network-oriented operation management cannot solve the problem. Middle-end and high-end operators imperiously hope that customer experience can be estimated, improved, and guaranteed. Operators are facing the following challenges:

  • Important customer cannot be monitored.
  • Carriers rely on conventional network-level KPIs that cannot define service quality comprehensively.
  • Local-node monitoring and analysis methods are used, and there is no better method of service troubleshooting.
  • Operators require checking and analyzing service quality through data on inter-vendor devices.
  • Operators are using passive-response management mode to handle potential service and network problems.

ZTE's Solution

The Customer Experience Assurance solution provided by ZTE covers the complete network operation system. The solution helps Operators to improve experience quality of each customer , and forms efficient customer-care mechanism. This attracts and retains high-value customers, and guides network operation to change from network-oriented performance management to customer- oriented experience improvement, and from service quality-focused optimization to network value-focused operation. During the transition process, operators can coordinate front-line departments (such as marketing department and customer service department) with support departments (such as network planning and optimization department, OAM department, and information support department) for interaction. In this way, operators can establish a customer-centered cooperative system that orients to customers, services, and networks, so that customer experience is visible, controllable, analyzable, and traceable. Through elaborate optimization, the solution improves customer  experience, and helps operators to maximize value in the channelized trend and win in fierce network operation competition.

>>QoE system establishment

The QoE KPI estimate system is the basis of end-to-end performance optimization. The solution helps operators to establish a performance estimate system based on customer perception, and converts customer perception to various measurable KPIs at the application layer, service layer, and network layer.

>>Caring VAP/VIP customers and improving customer experience

Operators can monitor customized VIP groups in real time and locate VIP customers with poor customer experience, so that operators can identify the causes of customer experience degradation and then improve satisfaction of valuable customers. Operators can identify silent VAP custmoers, and solve network service faults before VAP customers unsubscribe to reduce the customer churn rate to the maximum extent.

>>Service quality assurance

The solution helps operators to establish a mainstream service-quality estimate system to comprehensively monitor service quality. The system outputs monitoring reports periodically, so operators can analyze and troubleshoot service quality faults. This provides support for network optimization, and assurance service experience for all customers to avoid a large number of customer complaints.

>>Analyzing data and services in multiple dimensions

Based on analysis of service usage and services of different values, operators can monitor, analyze and optimize important services. This increases service revenue.


The Customer Experience Assurance  solution helps operators to estimate service quality of networks, so that operators can locate and troubleshoot service or network failures as soon as possible. This improves customer experience and satisfaction. The solution has the following highlights:

  • The solution provides a strong support platform that supports mainstream service-quality estimate and analysis, standard data interfaces, and compatibility with third-party data sources.
  • The solution covers all end-to-end service nodes that impact on customer perception, and provides the accurate and comprehensive troubleshooting capability.
  • The solution provides various methods of analyzing and locating potential problems and faults in networks, improving troubleshooting efficiency.
  • The solution provides the preventive troubleshooting capability, improving operators’ brand influence.

Customer Benefits

  • Improving network visibility

The solution provides sweeping views and operable information for operators, accurately estimates customer experience, and pays attention to customer service behaviors. This helps operators to know networks and customers more comprehensively, and make sensible determination.

  • Estimating and measuring customer experience

Through the QoE system,  operators can measure or collect statistics on service quality that impacts on customer perception. In this way, operators can establish a customer-centered cooperative system that orients to customers, services, and networks, so that customer experience is visible, controllable, analyzable, and traceable. Through elaborate optimization, operators can improve customer experience, and be able to win in fierce network operation competition.

  • Improving user satisfaction

The solution actively monitors service quality and customer experience, quickly identifies network faults that affect service quality. Through comprehensive and detailed end-to-end optimization for all links and services, the solution guarantees high-efficiency troubleshooting and stable network operation. This improves user satisfaction, reduces the user attrition rate, enhances market competitiveness, and promotes service growth.

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