IPTV Network Optimization

Development Trend

With the rapid development of IPTV services, the proportion of IPTV revenue is becoming larger and larger in carriers’ overall revenue. Carriers pay more attention in IPTV operation. However, IPTV system complexity, rapid development and fierce competition bring a series of problems to development and maintenance of IPTV services. Therefore, carriers urgently require effectively monitoring service quality and quickly troubleshooting failures.

Challenges to Customers

Due to distributed large-scale and changing IPTV networks, carriers face the following challenges:

  • How to monitor quality of routine services in systems?
  • How to improve OAM efficiency and troubleshoot failures quickly?
  • How to guarantee high availabilities of systems?
  • How to improve user experience, and increase loyalty and satisfaction?

ZTE's Solution

The IPTV network optimization service provided by ZTE achieves all-round optimization. It makes IPTV systems more stable and efficient, and brings more favorable user experience. This enhances IPTV competitive power, and promotes market efficiency.

The IPTV network optimization service consists of three parts: system reliability improvement, user experience improvement, and maintenance efficiency improvement.

>>System Reliability Improvement

Disaster recovery solutions are provided at multiple levels, including STB level, EPG level, and service platform level. Disaster recovery solutions can be selected based on scales of IPTV systems and users. This improves the system service availability.

>>User Experience Improvement

User experience improvement starts from QoS. Fault-tolerance optimization improves video quality. Channel-switching delay optimization improves user perception. Optimization for responses of user operations improves response speeds of page switching and hot-word searching. These measures improve user experience, and guarantees user satisfaction.

>>Maintenance Efficiency Improvement

Maintenance efficiency improvement involves in routine STB upgrade, EPG upgrade, and service quality monitoring. Multicast STB upgrade improves maintenance efficiency. EPG regional upgrade reduces upgrade linkage and improves the upgrade success rate. IPTV service quality is monitored in real time, so that troubleshooting can be performed quickly. This is a edge tool for efficient OAM.


  • Through ZTE patented technologies, optimization solutions for network service quality fault tolerance can withstand the average packet loss rate with the minimum value 3%, . This improves video quality.
  • The FCC patent solution improves the channel-switching speed.
  • Based on network scales and number of users, carriers can select disaster recovery solutions at different levels.

Customer Benefits

  • Improves system reliability and security.
  • Achieves fast and high-efficiency OAM, and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Improves user experience based on video quality and operation response, enhances loyalty and satisfaction, and promotes product competitiveness.

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