Network Performance Management

Development Trend  

Network performance management is for wireless netwrok and fixed network. It ensures stable network operation, improves performance indicators, reduces operation and maintenance costs, and provides good customer experience through monitoring performance indicators, troubleshooting faults, improving network performance, managing capacity, and processing customer complaints.

ZTE’s Solution  

Adhering to the concept of customized service, ZTE provides complete and various professional service solutions to improve customers' operation efficiency and reduce costs. Network performance management includes wireless network optimization, fixed network access optimization, bearer network optimization, value-added network optimization, network security solution, and significant event guarantee.

>>Wireless Network Optimization

ZTE's wireless network performance management includes routine optimization and specific optimization. Routine optimization ensures stable network operation. It monitors, analyzes, and tests wireless network KPIs, network coverage, Handover, voice quality, data service quality, and customer complaints, and adjusts parameters accordingly.

Specific optimization is responsible for improving specific KPIs, optimizing special scenarios (for example, high speed rail, sea, and campus),Detecting antenna and feeder,  new feature introduction, managing capacity, improving resource usage, and frequency optimization.

>>Fixed Network and Access Network Optimization

ZTE has established a scientific and reasonable network operation status assessment system for fixed networks. Networks are analyzed and assessed periodically. Based on the results, necessary optimization measures are taken for specific purposes, for example, improving the network business efficacy and network QoS, and supporting customer and service development. The optimization of fixed networks includes improving network health, balancing traffic and resources, improving service quality, and hardening security.

>>Bearer Network Optimization

Bearer network optimization includes PTN optimization, OTN optimization, MSTP network optimization, and IP network optimization. Based on quantitative indicators, the resource bottlenecks, network security, service quality, and operation and maintenance efficiency are assessed to provide customized and evolvable professional service solutions. These solutions on the one hand can protect operator investment; on the other, they can be used to construct a secure and reliable high quality bearer network that provides sufficient bandwidth and is easy to be maintained.

>>Value-Added Service Platform Optimization

The value-added service platform provides complete optimization services, including network architecture optimization, network performance optimization, service KPI optimization, service flow optimization, service security optimization, operation and maintenance efficiency optimization, and service redundancy optimization. These optimization services can guarantee the traditional service QoS, improve service quality, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, save resources for new services, improve network and information security, and guarantee system and customer security.

>>Network Security Solution

Considering the security compliance and operation security requirements, ZTE's network security service provides five classes of security services (including totally 13 services). ZTE's network security is integrated with security services provided by partners in various fields. This service abides by the end-to-end service standard, and provides operators with end-to-end security service.

>>Significant Events Guarantee

For important holidays, major games, and important conferences, specific guarantee can be provided. The guarantee starts with the assessment of the influence brought by an event on networks. By detecting device faults, monitoring device operation, expanding capacity for important devices, and protecting important customers, the management system can guarantee stable network operation and good customer experience during significant events.

Customer Benefits

By using the NPM service, operators benefit from the following aspects:

  • Removing potential risks in network operation, and ensuring stable network operation.
  • Resolving network problems and improving network operation quality based on ZTE's development, technical support and experience sharing platform.
  • Troubleshooting network problems efficiently. This improves work efficiency and reduces business costs.
  • Monitoring and predicting network capacity. On the one hand, stable network operation can be guaranteed; on the other, plans can be provided for network construction and development in the future.
  • Providing all-round protection for significant events, and ensuring stable network operation during such events.

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