Learning Cloud Service

With the commercial launch of 5G, the industry will enter a phase of large-scale 5G network construction and development. Against such a background, how to rapidly improve employees' capabilities for large-scale construction of 5G networks becomes a major concern of operators. ZTE's online learning platform, ZTE E-Learning, provides online training courses in such popular fields as 5G wireless, transport, and core networks. These courses, tailored to the actual business requirements of operators, can rapidly improve the capabilities of operators' talent, thus facilitating large-scale construction and rapid development of 5G networks.


● Diversified online knowledge services, including MOOCs and live streaming courses. 
● Brand-new O2O learning mode for independent online learning and sharing. 
● Various online interaction modes to improve online learning effects.

Business Value
● The online learning platform enables rapid transfer of knowledge services and efficient talent capability building. 
● The platform involves massive learning resources, which are well developed based on ZTE's extensive experience in and in-depth understanding of operator business. 
● An open and flexible learning mode enables the requirement-based learning anytime and anywhere.

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