Capability Improvement Service

To meet the talent development requirements in the 5G era, ZTE has been developing and providing customized training programs on a full range of communications technologies and products for customers.

● Explicit process data and noticeable training effects.
● Visual and digital representation of trainee capability improvement. 
● Highly competitive and globalized training delivery capabilities.
● Incorporation of the idea, "begin with the end in mind," into the design of training programs.

Business value
● The knowledge services we provide fully leverage ZTE's advantages as a leader in 5G technology, commercial use, and market presence.
● Our training programs focus on 5G, and we have designed a multi-tiered and multi-phase "Navigation" training program to develop digital talent teams for customers. 
● Our labs cover a full range of products and enable remote simulation-based learning globally, where trainees can put their knowledge into practice.

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