Multi-media Network Optimization

The trait of the big video service is long link, and complicated networking. With the rapid growth of users and the trend of bandwidth deterioration, the user experience is under great pressure. Facing with this difficult problem in the industry, the big video quality index improvement service provides such basic analysis as in-depth inspection, networking architecture analysis and network capacity, and special analysis of such full-service flows as program source, service platform, CDN, BN, access BRAS/OLT and STB. It also gives the evaluation of key factors affecting the indexes, optimization of corresponding modules, and provides optimization suggestions for third-party modules.

● Perform end-to-end full-process analysis, and focus on evaluation and optimization of key modules.
● With tools, experts can find out the causes and provide solutions to difficult problems of QoS indexes.

Business Value 
● Improve the O&M operating capabilities of the big video service.
● Improve the satisfaction of users.

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