Service Network Optimization

ZTE service network optimization can be divided into hardware and software optimization and service optimization. Service optimization includes seven aspects: Network architecture and performance optimization, KPI optimization, service flow optimization, service security optimization, service O&M efficiency improvement, service disaster recovery optimization, and user perception optimization.

● From basic software and hardware optimization to service optimization, the solution provides end-to-end optimization from the perspective of network access, integrity, and security to meet customer requirements. In this way, the service connection rate can be improved, service delay can be reduced, service indicators can be improved, service capabilities can be enhanced, device usage and network operation quality can be improved.
● Based on the database, expert base, AI, and big data statistics, ZTE further explores network information to make value-added service solutions that do not require service performance and user experience optimization for customers, and provides technical support and data reference for operation decision-making. In this way, ZTE improves the service quality and end user experience of the existing network, and improves the overall competitiveness of operators.
● System maintenance efficiency can be greatly improved through routine maintenance optimization, enhanced system monitoring, and problem locating tools.Key KPIs, alarms, and abnormal situation can be effectively monitored in real time. And it can support fast fault location and troubleshooting for customer complaints.

Business Value
● Effectively improve key service indicators in the existing network, and generate profits for customers.
● Improve maintenance efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.
● Effectively prevent system vulnerability attacks and guarantee the security of core devices.
● Improve user loyalty and ARPU through user perception optimization.
● Improve O&M efficiency through maintenance process improvement and system optimization.

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