BN Network Optimization

Oriented towards BN of ZTE, it provides professional and high-value network optimization service. It involves products such as PTN/SPN/IPRAN/OTN/SDH, including solutions to network capacity bottleneck, elimination of potential security risks, service quality improvement, and O&M efficiency enhancement. Project delivery is professional, mature, and there are extensive cases in China and abroad.


● Network optimization evaluation covers four categories of indexes (involving dozens of indexes), and the quantitative analysis is comprehensive and accurate.
● ZTE-developed professional evaluation, analysis and delivery tools support network optimization service, and provide high-quality and efficient service.

Business Value
● Fully explore network potentials, improve O&M efficiency, and reduce OPEX of the customers.
● Integrate network optimization and network planning, provide perspective solutions, optimize and plan accurately, to improve CAPEX of the customers.

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