FN Access Network Optimization

After the construction of a FN access network, with a period of development of the services carried by it and appearance of new services, the network needs to be optimized to meet new requirements. FN access network optimization includes such topics as weak optical power rectification, resource checking, low-quality analysis of video service, alarm reduction, moving down of IPTV multicast, IPv6 reconstruction, PPPOE+ deployment, KPI optimization and PON network topology optimization, which can be selected flexibly according to the needs of users.

● Cover comprehensively: Comprehensive optimization of health, security, and quality from NEs, networks to services.
● Improve KPIs: Each KPI is close to the routine appraisal of the customer, and is supported by experts.
● Select as needed: Topics can be selected flexibly as required by the customer, and can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

Business Value 
● Security optimization creates a robust network to reduce operation risks.
● Standardize configuration data to eliminate potential service risks and guarantee user perception.
● Optimize the networking & bandwidth to ensure the QoS and improve the user experience.

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