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Service Solutions

Technical Services

ZTE's Technical Services focus on customer pain points and network potential, based on all-round intelligent tool platform, provides comprehensive optimization of the health, security, and quality covering NEs, networks and services. This solution is committed to building excellent network performance and service quality, and achieving a leap from network quality to network value.

Mobile Network Optimization

Based on a variety of remote, centralized, and intelligent tool support platforms, ZTE can efficiently evaluate and predict mobile network problems in a timely manner, identify potential network problems and risks in advance, and provide customized network optimization service plans. To ensure the efficiency of network maintenance and lower the Opex, bring the ultimate network performance experience and powerful market competitiveness to the customer.

FN Access Network Optimization

After the construction of a FN access network, with a period of development of the services carried by it and appearance of new services, the network needs to be optimized to meet new requirements. FN access network optimization includes such topics as weak optical power rectification, resource checking, low-quality analysis of video service, alarm reduction, moving down of IPTV multicast, IPv6 reconstruction, PPPOE+ deployment, KPI optimization and PON network topology optimization, which can be selected flexibly according to the needs of users.

BN Network Optimization

Oriented towards BN of ZTE, it provides professional and high-value network optimization service. It involves products such as PTN/SPN/IPRAN/OTN/SDH, including solutions to network capacity bottleneck, elimination of potential security risks, service quality improvement, and O&M efficiency enhancement. Project delivery is professional, mature, and there are extensive cases in China and abroad.

Service Network Optimization

ZTE service network optimization can be divided into hardware and software optimization and service optimization. Service optimization includes seven aspects: Network architecture and performance optimization, KPI optimization, service flow optimization, service security optimization, service O&M efficiency improvement, service disaster recovery optimization, and user perception optimization.

Multi-media Network Optimization

The trait of the big video service is long link, and complicated networking. With the rapid growth of users and the trend of bandwidth deterioration, the user experience is under great pressure. Facing with this difficult problem in the industry, the big video quality index improvement service provides such basic analysis as in-depth inspection, networking architecture analysis and network capacity, and special analysis of such full-service flows as program source, service platform, CDN, BN, access BRAS/OLT and STB. It also gives the evaluation of key factors affecting the indexes, optimization of corresponding modules, and provides optimization suggestions for third-party modules.