Spare Parts Management Service

Development Trend

With the acceleration in the development of network technologies, the complicated network puts forward higher requirements for the professional operation of the parts service. Carriers are eager to save the investment on spare parts and the operation cost of spare parts, so that they can improve the assets management efficiency. The quick and accurate parts supply is helpful for the network security. Compared with the traditional spare parts service, the spare parts management service can reduce TCO dramatically. One-stop  spare parts management is becoming more and more popular with the carriers around the world.


Challenges to Customers

  • In lack of scientific spare parts allocation model, customers need to avoid disposal of spare parts because of upgrade, and commercial risks arisen from high investment but low utilization of the spare parts managementproject.
  • A lack of advanced IP support management system and standardized service flow results in the misleading spare parts management information.
  • A lack of management experiences of logistics outsourcing results in untimely delivery of spare parts and affects the network operation.

ZTE's Solution

The one-stop spare parts service solution provides the spare parts supply, stockroom network and inventory management, spare parts logistics, and other services. The time when spare parts are delivered can be accurate to the hour. The parts service solution of ZTE contains the following contents:

>>Parts storeroom design: The storeroom architecture is designed systematically through advanced methods and tools.

>>Parts disposition: With the advanced parts allocation algorithm, parts are disposed reasonably, meeting the requirements for practical parts delivery.

>>Parts management: including routine delivery of parts from and to stockrooms, storage, and stocktaking. It adapts to the customer network changes and meets the requirements for business development.

>>Parts replacement service: After receiving a parts replacement notification and a faulty part returned from a customer, ZTE sends the good part to the designated place within the period specified in the contract for replacing the faulty one.

>>Parts detection service: Some parts in the stockroom are left unused for a long time. ZTE detects them to ensure good performance of the parts.

>>Parts report: ZTE provides statistical analysis reports and safety stock reports to customers, including delivery on-time rate, parts inventory turnover rate, ratio of unreturned parts after expiration, and ratio of parts being returned back on time.


  • Unified order handling platform.ZTE provides 24×7 nonstop quick response, fast order processing, and real-time order tracing through the integrated management system.
  • Reliable spare parts supply.Spare parts supply centers around the world ensure sufficient and stable parts supply through the strategic parts inventory.
  • Standardized stockroom network management. The stockroom network architecture is designed systematically through advanced methodology and design tools. Based on the actual operations, the architecture is optimized constantly. Thus a high-efficiency and outstanding stockroom network management system is established.
  • Scientific inventory management. The dynamic spare parts matching tool and elaborate management ensure accurate and complete inventory information. Furthermore, the optimal inventory is provided to adapt to the customer network change and to meet the requirements for business development.
  • First-class spare parts logistics.  ZTE has established a strategic and cooperative partnership with international logistics providers around the world to construct a first-class logistics network, thus ensuring that spare parts can be delivered as soon as possible.
  • Professional service management.ZTE provides a unified service interface. In addition, ZTE implements professional service performance and quality management on multiple suppliers through an IT system with a full visual process and standardized workflows. Customers can enjoy the best service experience.

Customer Benefits

The one-stop spare parts solution of ZTE has been used widely in about 100 projects around the world, meeting the overall spare parts outsourcing requirements of carriers. Besides the best service experiences, customers can enjoy the following investment benefits:

  • Fast-responsive technical support meets the emergency maintenance requirements.
  • Operating cost of the spare parts service and spare parts abandonment risk are reduced.
  • As the spare  parts service is outsourced, customers can focus on their core business. 

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