Maintenance Support Service

Development Trend

With the constant expanding of network scale and development of network technology, the network carriers around the world concentrate on how to carry out effective network maintenance so that devices can obtain effective guarantee within their life cycles. To guarantee the service brand and income, carriers have increasing requirements for maintenance Support services. According to statistics, in the increasingly competitive communication market, the carrier-purchased devices that are maintained by manufacturers account for 95% of the total.


Challenges to Customers  

  • With the rapid development of communication technologies, the technological barriers to network maintenance become higher.
  • With the rapid development of mobile Internet technologies, users have higher requirements for service experience than ever before.
  • As the market competition of the communication industry becomes more and more fierce, network quality directly impacts user loyalty.

ZTE's Solution

After years of unremitting efforts, ZTE can provide carriers with various maintenance support services, including technical support, software support, hardware support, knowledge sharing, and parts management.

>>Technical support service: With the remote support system, experienced engineers assist customers in analyzing and eliminating faults immediately after they happen. If necessary, they can go onsite to provide technical support to customers, and help the field maintenance engineers handle faults.

>>Software support service: ZTE is responsible for upgrading software in time to solve software problems, so that the network system can operate stably.

>>Hardware support service: Customers can return hardware devices, boards and components to ZTE for repair to recover their performance and functions. ZTE has established multiple repair centers around the world to serve global customers.

>>Knowledge sharing service: ZTE provides a special knowledge sharing platform for customers, where the latest maintenance and technical experiences are shared with customers.


  • Uninterruptible global technical support (24×7 technical support hotline): ZTE’s GCSC offers nonstop technical and service consultation services for global customers.
  • Ability in solving problems quickly: A well-trained team of technical support experts around the world offer the best services for global customers. With the completed service system, ZTE provides personalized services to customers, helps customers solve problems at the site, and quickly responds to customer requests.
  • Sharing global technical materials: Customers in different countries and areas share the technical knowledge and materials that have been accumulated by ZTE for many years. This improves working efficiency and reduces the waste of resources.

Customer Benefits 

  • Safeguard the network security and reduce network operation risk.
  • Respond to customer requests in time, locate and eliminate faults quickly, reduce economic loss, and improve the brand value. 
  • Share experiences, transmit technical skills, and improve operation and maintenance efficiency.
  • Focus on core business and secure the return on investment to the greatest extent.

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