Maintenance Support Service

ZTE Maintenance Support Service(MSS) provides Technical Support Service, Software Support Service, Hardware Support Service, Periodical Inspection Service,etc. according to customer requirements, which helps customers guarantee continuous stability of their systems so as to reduce maintenance risks. 

● Real Time Global Technical Support: 24×7 technical support hotline, ZTE’ s GCSC offers 7*24hour customer service request acceptance and service consultation services for global customers. 
● Rapidly Solving Customer Problems: With more than 10,000 after-sales engineers and 3,000 technical experts around the world, a completed service system provides personalized services for customers, and helps customers rapidly solve problems at the site, and quickly responds to customer requests.
● Global Maintenance Experience Sharing: ZTE has provided professional maintenance services to operators in more than 160+ countries, serving over 2 billion users worldwide.

Business Value
● Highly Effective Support: Respond to customer requirements in real time and solve customer problems timely.
● High Network Reliability: Reduce network failure time and network interruption probability.
● More Customer Benefits: Stable network operation is ensured, and customers focus on core services.

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