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Service Solutions

Service & User Experience

ZTE's Service and User Experience Solution focuses on the perception and analysis towards customer's networks and services. Based on the intelligent open big data platform, through flexible mining and analysis of massive data, this solution provides value-based network construction, value-based operations, and end-to-end perception management of all services in all-domain, helping operators improve their network value.

Value Networking

The solution provides pre evaluation of coverage effect, effectively improves the accuracy of prediction effect, supports 4G / 5G network planning and construction, and combines AI modeling and machine learning to provide operators with intelligent, efficient and closed-loop one key solution.

End to End Intelligent Optimization

With the continuous evolution of network and the continuous development of business, the optimization of wireless network becomes more and more complex. This solution takes user experience as the core, end-to-end business data in many fields as the basis, expert experience and machine learning as the means, and four major functions of customer complaint handling, regional perception optimization, user perception optimization and business perception optimization as the starting point, so as to effectively assist operators in daily wireless network optimization.

Value Operation

Aiming at the challenges of network complexity, business diversification and experience personalization faced by operators, a comprehensive solution based on value operation is created. By means of end-to-end customer perception, business quality assurance, multi-dimensional analysis of payload promotion and other schemes, operators' stock operation and marketing activities are matched to provide value driven operation support.

Voice Service Quality Assurance

By using artificial intelligence, in-depth learning, and machine learning technologies, a real-time, active, end-to-end, and delimiting support system is built to improve network, user, and service quality, improve O&M efficiency, and reduce O&M costs.

Data Service Quality Assurance

Data service quality assurance solution, based on the analysis method of big data, constructs the index system with service and user perception as the core, collects user, wireless, core network and SP side data for end-to-end association analysis, and evaluates the service quality based on the four topics of one key complaint analysis, regional perception analysis, service perception analysis and user perception analysis. The solution also analyzes the causes of poor quality dynamically, and gives the factors of wireless, core network, SP, bearer and users.

Customer Experience Management

With the higher pursuit of users for the quality of communication experience, ZTE provides customer experience management solution, which provides experience driven sustainable development through a variety of solutions such as global perception of users, full perspective customer assurance, VAP users' active care and one button complaint handling.

Data Collection and Synthesis of All Domain and All Interface

By collecting the original data of communication network, analyzing and outputting the original XDR of single interface and combining it with cross interface Association, a complete signaling monitoring scheme across 2G / 3G / 4G network is built. This scheme is an important support of network operation and maintenance, providing input data source for various application systems of communication network.

Data Governance and Intelligent Platform

The data governance and intelligent platform takes data governance as the core, unifies data standards and specifications, visualizes data modeling, and realizes efficient data governance. Through one-stop development, end-to-end support for big data + AI data exploration, it helps enterprises quickly and efficiently improve data quality, reduce construction costs, eliminate data islands, accelerate data empowerment, and promote enterprise organization optimization and transformation.

AI Training Reasoning Development Platform

ZTE's AI training reasoning development platform can help users collect massive network data, analyze, model and train massive data through visualization modeling, large-scale distributed training and other capabilities, and deploy the trained AI model to all levels of the network to realize ubiquitous intelligent network, so as to improve network performance, simplify network operation and maintenance management and improve the operation efficiency of network business.