Seminar on Smart Government for Developing Countries



  • Information-based and intelligent public services are inevitable.
  • Decision-making departments lack experience in information technologies.

ZTE’s Solution:

  • Provides comprehensive, accurate, and professional one-stop knowledge services through many years of experience in the industry.
  • High-level talks cater for the informatization trend in China.

Customer Benefits:

  • Creates new methods of cooperation with enterprises and governments.
  • Understands relevant technologies in the information industry


With deepening social modernization and increasing living standards, the public imposes higher requirements for governmental activities. How to build more smooth and convenient public information obtaining channels? How to provide high-quality services more efficiently for the people? How to integrate intelligence into public systems to establish more economic and efficient modern government departments? How to reduce administrative expenses and official waste, and improve efficiency and productivity? These are the urgent problems that concern all governments.

In the new social situations, building digital and intelligent governments through information technologies is an important measure to implement the national informatization development strategies, improve governance capabilities, and build a harmonious society. Governments should change the functions, work methods, and work styles, further improve work quality and efficiency, and establish efficient, collaborative, and standardized administration management systems. Digital and intelligent construction is an important step to build service-oriented governments.

ZTE’s knowledge services always focus on promoting intelligent social life, assuming social responsibilities, and making the world benefit from technological advance. Based on the major steps and opportunities during the informatization and intelligent process in China, and with particular experience, ZTE provides comprehensive, accurate, and professional one-stop knowledge services for governments to improve the scientific decision-making level. Based on many years of experience, and oriented to governments and industries, ZTE University launched many high-level talk courses in 2012, such as smart government, smart power, and smart city. By following the national informatization trends, and in accordance with the current status and prospective of the information industry, ZTE finds problems and formulates solutions efficiently for governments, understands the latest economic situations, and develops relevant policies to provide a high-end professional knowledge service platform.

ZTE implements extensive exchanges and cooperation with governments around the world in new communication technologies and government affairs informatization. The Seminar on Smart Government for Developing Countries, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, organized by Shenzhen Association for Promoting International Economic & Technological Cooperation, and exclusively co-organized by ZTE University, was held in Dameisha, Shenzhen from June to August in 2012. This seminar involves middle and high-level officials from over 70 countries, who serve national network infrastructure or are devoted to formulating and researching on national informatization policies, such as officials from the Ministry of Information Industry, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, and the Ministry of Communications. By keeping the promise of providing development training and communications in many fields for developing countries, Chinese government demonstrated urban construction results and experience to the officials from over 70 counties in Shenzhen. Relevant enterprises also presented their service products and government informatization applications.

ZTE University, entrusted by ZTE Corporation as the co-organizer of the seminar, provided whole course support and logistical guarantee for the trainees from the governments, enterprises, and armies of over 70 countries and regions. This seminar was prepared for nearly half a year. ZTE University appointed the excellent solution experts to course design, and the most experienced trainers to course delivery, including excellent course design, collaborative admission of many countries, customer scheduling, and specific discussions. During the seminar, trainees from many countries made service communications and received training in Shenzhen and Shanghai for two months. This seminar focuses on smart government, and covers ICT, distance learning, smart healthcare, and smart road construction.

After two months of training, the trainees got familiar with overall knowledge of the information industry, including technical trends, market analysis, management ideas, industry operation, application of ICT to other industries, and influence of ICT on government affairs and national development. Relevant enterprises also communicated with trainees from many countries to seek business opportunities through this platform. This high-end talk achieved great success. Trainee representatives from many countries expressed faithful thanks to Chinese government, the Ministry of Commerce, and ZTE Corporation, and highly praised this seminar which promoted cooperation between these governments. ZTE Corporation, as the first partner in China to participate in and organize the multidisciplinary communications of development countries, was highly praised by the Ministry of Commerce. In addition, ZTE University was commended by the leaders of Shenzhen Association for Promoting International Economic & Technological Cooperation for the high-quality service planning and guarantee. Successful completion of the seminar will further promote international communications, facilitate major projects of ZTE and governments, and lay a solid foundation for market exploration of international knowledge services.

Figure 1 Opening Ceremony of the Seminar on Smart Government for Developing Countries (Phase I)

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