LTE Training Solution

Development Trend
By the end of July 2013, about 200 LTE networks had been put into commercial use globally. The international LTE network scale is expanding rapidly. In China, LTE networks enter the planning, design, and commercial trial phases, and more LTE networks will be built. From the perspective of deployment scale and user growth, LTE is the fastest growing system in the mobile communication history. The 4G licenses will be granted by the end of 2013, which undoubtedly is a favorable news for operators in China. However, new network construction imposes higher requirements for participants’ technical strength, management capabilities, and marketing capabilities.

Challenges to Customers 
How will the international and domestic telecommunications technologies evolve? What are the new market growth points? What is the motive force for industry development? How should the LTE industry process develop? All these are the hot issues in the industry.

ZTE’s Solution
By incorporating the LTE network delivery results of 42 operators globally and with rich LTE training experience, ZTE launches the workshop course series for the new LTE technology. This course includes four series and 19 topics, covering technical management, network deployment, network planning and optimization, and EPC of LTE networks. This course analyzes LTE in multiple dimensions, such as development strategies, network deployment, pilot network experience, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance, network planning and optimization, and basic theories, aiming to help operators to improve all employees’ awareness of LTE, examine LTE network deployment requirements properly, obtain insight into the LTE industry and service development trends, and accumulate theoretical knowledge to improve position competence. This course also lays a solid foundation for large-scale development of LTE networks, and helps operators to build superior LTE networks.


  • This course series is specially customized for high-end customers. The whole process of this course series, including content and knowledge point design, solution proposal and development, PPT development and review, and selection of expert teaching staff, follows the most strict and scientific training flow, aiming to provide the best knowledge services for operators.
  • This course series covers all aspects of hotspot LTE technologies, and is based on LTE, telecommunications industry development trends, and new technologies such as the mobile Internet, cloud, and smart pipes. This course systematically describes LTE network principles, major LTE technologies, LTE air interfaces and networking, LTE network planning and deployment, LTE network operation in the mobile Internet era, international and domestic LTE experience, and networking solutions. This course includes development polices and specific solutions, providing macroscopic ideas and details. This course caters to medium and high-level technical management personnel perfectly.
  • This course, by incorporating ZTE’s training experience in telecommunications and the research results of frontier technologies, aims to help operators’ management and technical personnel to understand major new technologies thoroughly, lead the cutting edge of technologies, keep an open eye, learn industry events, master industry opportunities, implement development policies, and make decisions efficiently.

Customer Benefits

  • Understands thoroughly LTE network principles, key technologies, the physical layer and air interfaces, network structure, protocol stacks, and EPC.
  • Understands the global LTE development trends and LTE market environment.
  • Understands new services and features of LTE and 4G.
  • In accordance with the situations and development of the operators, from the perspectives of operators and telecommunications equipment manufacturers, reviews the operators’ LTE deployment policies and network construction policies from 2013 to 2015, strengths and weaknesses, and SWOT analysis.
  • Describes domestic and international LTE tiral networks, and summarizes problems by stages.
  • Understands the new technologies of the mobile Internet, the Internet of Things, industry informatization, and smart city solutions and application.

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