TCO Energy Consumption Consulting

Development Trend

With the advent of the big data age, the construction of communication networks reaches a new climax. Especially, there is an upsurge in the construction of IDC equipment rooms. The communication industry, however, consumes huge amounts of energy. As international energy prices go up, energy costs are accounting for an increasingly larger proportion of the operation expenditure of the communication industry, and greatly affects enterprises' operation performance and cost competitiveness. Therefore, to effectively reduce enterprise's energy consumption, detailed energy planning and design must be performed at the initial network construction stage and energy management and control must be carried out accurately in the network use process. With the development of basic information technology and algorithms, accurate energy consumption management must be grasped by each enterprise.

Challenges to Customers

With the expansion of networks, network energy costs are accounting for an increasingly larger proportion of the entire network operation expenditure. Especially in areas with underdeveloped mains electricity supply, energy costs account for nearly a half of entire network operation costs. However, due to a lack of effective energy system planning in the initial stage, it is difficult for operators to grasp the changes of network energy consumption as network capacity expansion accelerates. In this case, operators may find it impossible to solve the problem of soaring energy consumption.

ZTE’s Solution

ZTE's energy consumption consultation service relies on the "energy efficiency matrix" concept proposed by ZTE, and supports 3D simulation of the entire energy consumption chain from the aspects of production, conversion, transmission, and consumption. It analyzes energy consumption scenarios, and calculates the energy consumption economy of communication network sites (equipment rooms) by using a perfect energy consumption management model. In this way, it provides customers with all-round objective energy consumption consultation reports and most rational energy consumption solutions for specific scenarios.


To deal with complex energy consumption scenarios, ZTE divides enterprise energy consumption into "external energy consumption" and "internal energy consumption". According to different energy consumption scenarios and actual requirements for energy consumption economy, ZTE uses a highly reliable simulation tool that can simulate equipment room (base station) environments to avoid ineffective energy optimization reconstruction, and to provide high-quality energy consumption consultation report. 

Customer Benefits

The primary aim of ZTE's energy consumption consultation service is to decrease the operation expenditure of telecommunication networks. According to the actual configurations of operators' networks and operators' network energy schemes, the energy consumption consultation service brings different benefits to operators. According to the experience of previous projects, this service reduces the operation expenditure of entire networks by 8 percent to 43 percent in different scenarios.

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