Service Process Management Consulting (Enterprise)

Development Trend

Process management is an important measure taken by enterprises to shift from extensive management to standardized management to delicacy management. Process management can be used to greatly shorten process periods, cut costs, improve work quality, enhance, solidify and automate enterprise processes, promote teamwork, and eventually achieve the centralization, combination, and transformation of functions.

According to IDC's research data, China's business process management market reached a scale of 27.70 million USD in 2010. IDC also predicted that as Chinese enterprises are more and more aware of the value (including the increase of management and work efficiency) brought by business process management, this market would grow at a 19.4% compound annual growth rate, and would reach a scale of 67.20 million USD in 2015. Although this market is booming, it is still immature.

Challenges to Customers

  • A workflow system supports good definitions and static routine processes, but lacks integration, coordination, information access and sharing, and a measure to expand to the outside of an enterprise.
  • Functional department are independent of each other in carrying out their work objectives, and shirk their own responsibilities in multi-department collaboration.
  • Organizations need to improve customer service levels and productivity in no costs increasing.
  • Organizations need to control business risks and regulation-compliance in no business advantages lost.

ZTE's Solution

ZTE's business process management consulting focus on "process optimization, process electronization, and process performance management". It provides enterprise customers with consulting services including enterprise informatization–based service process design, organization framework design, department optimization, enterprise process management diagnosis, and enterprise business and management process system design.


  • Borrowing a lot of project cases, ZTE has accumulated a large number of enterprise process management tools and methods that support ZTE's professional consulting.
  • Based on process analysis, ZTE's business process management consulting teaches methods and sets up models to promote customers' process system and teams.
  • ZTE's business process management is a systematic method that centers on standard end-to-end excellent business processes to continuously improve organizations' business performance.

Customer Benefits

  • Process regulation frameworks are clarified and the problems of overlapped management and a lack of management are solved.
  • Enterprises can accumulate management experience and implement standardized business operation.
  • The long-effect process mechanism is performed to guarantee the continuous optimization and execution of processes.
  • ZTE's business process management consulting helps customers to adjust and transform their management systems and adapt to strategy and business changes.
  • With a focus on process system construction, customers can increase management efficiency and cut management costs.

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