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Service Solutions

Managed Services

ZTE's Managed Services Solution is committed to promoting the continuous evolution of network guarantee to intelligent operations, service operations, experience operations, and value operations. It helps operators build a digital O&M system, offer automatic and intelligent operation life cycle management, reduce costs and improve network operation efficiency, enabling operators to win the opportunities of digital transformation.

Network O&M Service

ZTE network O&M service can help operators to manage the network with controllable costs and predictable quality through role replacement. The network O&M service includes front-line site inspection, second-line expert maintenance (fault management, performance management, configuration management, security management), 24×7 network monitoring, network performance improvement, network optimization, third party vendor management, engineering management and other end-to-end management and services.

Service O&M Service

ZTE Service Operation Managed Service(SOMS)is driven by four service objects: customer care service, market&sales, NOC (Network Operation Center), network planning&optimization. Based on ZTE's rich MS experience, powerful big data platform and application of advanced technology, it can provide customer experience management, service quality management, market operation support, automatic demarcation and location of problems, and enhancement of network planning&optimization capability.

Virtualization O&M Service

Virtualization network has been carried out among global operators. To handle the unknown and new requirement to virtualized network O&M, ZTE provides the virtualization network O&M service solution. This solution provides new services like design and orchestration service, and it also provides a unified solution for the decoupled VNF-layer O&M, cloud platform layer, and IT hardware layer, including fault management, performance management, security management, configuration management, and VNF life-cycle management.