International Exploration & Operation Consulting

Development Trend

With global economic integration and the development of China's "Go Abroad" strategy, Chinese enterprises' investment and service exploration in foreign countries are growing rapidly. Many Chinese enterprises "are going abroad" or "have gone abroad". In this process, they have gained new momentum and core competitiveness.

Challenges to Customers

To meet the requirements of internationalization and global operation, Chinese enterprises must solve many problems including strategy formulation and execution, organization operation and control, and cross-cultural management. Due to foreign countries' diverse political, cultural, economic, and commercial environments, Chinese enterprises' globalization path is inevitably tortuous.

ZTE’s Solution

>>High-level internationalization strategy seminar

>>Elite practice of internationalized operation


Since it entered international markets in 1995, ZTE has gone through an internationalization course of 18 years. At the beginning, ZTE had no experience in foreign markets. Currently, ZTE has 107 resident offices around the world, obtains a half of its revenues from foreign markets, and has become the most successful internationalized Chinese company. Going through numerous trials in international markets, ZTE has accumulated a wealth of management experience, mechanisms, methods, tools, cases, and experts. ZTE's internationalization consultation service provided on the basis of the above unique core value can help customer enterprises to develop sound and rapidly in their internationalization processes.

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