Innovation Leadership Consulting

Development Trend

Currently, Chinese enterprises are in a worsening economic environment: debt crisis that spreads in multiple countries, economic depression, continuous financial crisis, cut-throat low-price competition, soaring labor costs, a serious mismatch between labor supply and demand, surplus low-end products, insufficient high-end products, natural resource shortage, severe environmental pollution, shutdowns of small and medium–sized enterprises. These conditions are the resulted from a lack of effective innovations for organizations.

In terms of enterprises' survival and development, managers are at the core position, and even play a decisive role. The correctness of an enterprise's operation decisions affects its survival and development. The capabilities of enterprise managers, who are enterprises' decision makers, determine the correctness of each decision.

Customer Challenges

Due to easy piracy and copy in the mobile Internet age, knowledge experience and products may depreciate instantly, and only wisdom is an everlasting fortune. To survive, Chinese enterprises are in urgent need of innovations.

According to IBM Institute for Business Value's survey of 1500 CEOs, innovation leadership is the only important characteristic for leading large enterprises in the future.

ZTE’s Solution

Innovation leadership is composed of talent development capabilities, transformation and innovation capabilities, and performance operation capabilities.

  • Transformation and innovation capabilities: the capabilities to manage transformations and the managerial, technical, and service innovation capabilities.
  • Performance operation capabilities: the capabilities to intensively manage personal and organizational performance.
  • Talent development capabilities: the capabilities to recognize and cultivate talent (especially managers).

Innovation Leadership  Consulting Solution


  • ZTE invests 10 percent of its annual revenues in research, development and innovation. It has 18 research institutes worldwide and 30 thousand developers, which rank first in Chinese listed companies. ZTE led the world in the number of patent applications in 2011 and 2012. It is a model of Chinese high-tech innovative enterprises.
  • The solution reveals the motivations of transformations and innovations, and has created a unique innovation management mode that is applicable to different stages of Chinese enterprises' transformation from manufacturing enterprises to innovative enterprises.

Customer Benefits

  • Chinese enterprise customers can grasp an innovation theory system, and learn from model enterprises' cases to carry out transformation and innovation.
  • The solution provides customers with best examples of transformation from manufacturing enterprises to innovative enterprises and an operable transformation management mode.
  • The enterprise innovation system is tailed to customer enterprise's characteristics. It includes an innovation culture, environment, mechanism, organization framework, process, tools, methods, and ideas.
  • The solution embeds the creation DNA into enterprises from their managers to common employees, from strategies to execution, and from culture to services.

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