Project Management Consultation

Development Trend

In competitive and changing market environments, enterprises have more and more services for which different departments need multiple types of resources. Enterprises can flexibly and rapidly deal with internal and external situations, problems, and technologies, solve complex problems in multidisciplinary solutions, improve resource utilization, and enhance operation levels only by using task-oriented "projects" as the basic organization and management form.

Challenges to Customers

The success rate of group customers' ICT projects is low. Industry informatization schemes and tendering documents have diverse quality. The problems of excessive project cost expenditure and progress latency frequently occur.

ZTE’s Solution

>>Stepwise cultivation of project management capabilities: fully covers employees and managers at all levels.

>>Project management practice level promotion

Modules and Process of the Management Practice Level Promotion Project

>>Organization project management operation consultation


  • The solution is based on ZTE's 20 years' experience in global research, sales, and engineering project management, and uses a project management practice library in the form of "scenarios + cases + tools", which integrates system standards and project practice in LTC, HPPD, project operation, and agile project management fields.   
  • The solution starts from practical scenarios and closely follows key problems. It uses the execution mode of "investigation and diagnosis→design and development→training and tutoring→after-training appraisal and follow-up guidance", which has closely connected links.
  • All the teachers are experienced project management experts.

Customer Benefits

  • As a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P) authorized by Project Management Institute (PMI) to provide training before Project Management Professional (PMP) exams, ZTE issues PDU-bearing training certificates recognized by PMI to trainees.
  • Trainees can grasp project tools through action learning and scenario planning.
  • Customers can build management support environments and improve organization capabilities.
  • The solution helps to build project management process systems, and guides efficient project operation.
  • Key project actions are extracted to accumulate organization process assets.

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