Management Consulting

Development Trend

During the integration of the global economy and the changes of external competition environments, enterprises are facing new challenges to their management. From accepting and thinking about management ideas to trying new management measures to adapting to new situations, enterprises need to meet higher requirements for self-management and external management. More and more enterprises must solve multiple problems including strategy making and execution, organization operation, management and control, and culture management.


How to explore and nurture their own strategic competitive power in the industry, enhance their environmental adaptation, and keep sustainable growth under fierce competition become the focus problems that many enterprises must solve.


Challenges to Customers

In the current economic and market environment, only those enterprises that have clear strategies, innovative ideas, perfect management, and a wealth of talent can succeed and keep sound development. Other enterprises, on the contrary, are restricted by the following types of internal management problems:

  • Strategies cannot be effectively carried out.
  • Core competitiveness is degrading because of a lack of innovations.
  • Service transformation progresses slowly.
  • Internal management friction is increasingly severe.
  • The rule of people prevails. Process regulations can hardly be executed.
  • The capabilities of managers and personnel cannot meet service development requirements.
  • Money is spent on training, but effects are not evident.

ZTE's Solution

Based on ZTE's development and management practice, ZTE University has accumulated a high-quality management training and consulting course system that has multiple levels and spans a lot of fields. ZTE University also provides characteristic product solutions and customized consultation services to help customer enterprises develop and succeed.

Management Consulting Framework


As a model of China's globalized high-tech enterprises, ZTE has explored enterprise development and management for nearly thirty years. By using worldwide advanced management theories, methods, and tools, ZTE has accumulated a set of methods for Chinese enterprises to develop in terms of scale and strength and to enter international markets. ZTE also has abundant management cases, mechanisms, methods, tools, and experts.

Customer Benefits

  • Customers can draw on the successful mechanisms and failure lessons of model enterprises, and broaden their horizons.
  • Customers can borrow ZTE's management practice in multiple service fields and take fewer detours for rapid and sound development.
  • The solution stresses practicality, effectiveness, and operability. It helps customers to solve real problems and achieve efficient management.
  • The solution comes from enterprise practice, and is used in enterprise practice. It makes enterprise management effective and easy.

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