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Development Trend

With the development of technologies and the globalization of the world economy, enterprises are facing fierce competition from other companies of the same industry around the world. To adapt to the fluctuating world economy and changing market hot-spots, enterprises should make accurate strategies. After making strategies, enterprises also need to set up proper business modes, clearly define the relationships with users, suppliers, and partners, and balance all parties' benefits. To carry out these strategies and business modes, enterprises need to build information frameworks that meet their development conditions. In addition, enterprises need to determine effective tactics for each type of service. According to Gartner's report, the scale of global consulting service reached 89.56 billion USD in 2012, and would growth at a speed of over 6 percent every year. This shows that enterprises are placing great emphasis on the consulting service.

Challenges to Customers

  • How to adapt to the changes in markets and competition environments and determine enterprise's development directions and goals?
  • How to locate target clients groups, organize production and sales, and obtain profits?
  • How to match enterprise's strategy and information systems and reconstruct existing information systems?
  • How to obtain target industry's development conditions and make industrial solutions?

ZTE's Solution

ZTE's business consulting service includes strategy consulting, business mode consulting, informatization consulting, and business consulting. The following shows a full view of this service:

>>Strategy consulting

Strategies are enterprises' foundations. Strategy consulting helps enterprises to know external environments and forecast development trends by analyzing markets, government policies and competition, and helps enterprises to know their positions and make strategies by evaluating their competitive power. Strategy consulting uses multiple theories to analyze markets, government policies and competition situations in an overall, objective, and quantized mannermethod, to analyze rivals' advantages and disadvantages, and to find the success reasons of model benchmarking enterprises in the industry. It finds enterprises' advantages and disadvantages, and determines enterprises' core competitiveness by using questionnaires, investigations, and evaluations. It helps enterprises to determine their target areas, target markets and development directions, and make practical roadmaps and milestones.


>>Commercial model consulting

Commercial models answers enterprises' question of how to make profits by building product and service systems. They are enterprise' living methods, and determine enterprises' positions in a value chain. Commercial model consulting helps enterprises to locate sales targets, determine the production modes of enterprises' products and services, select sales ranges and methods, build sustainable revenue modes, and analyze cost composition.


>>Informatization consulting

Informatization consulting provides an all-round enterprise reconstruction. It combines enterprise strategies, commercial model and modern information technology, and improves enterprises' production, operation, management, decision-making, economic benefits and competitiveness through deep exploration of information resources. Enterprise informatization is a complex project. Informatization consulting clarifies enterprises' informatization requirements through deep investigation and analysis, and builds enterprise information frameworks by using internationally advanced methods. In addition, informatization consulting helps enterprises to monitor informatization processes, or to determine reconstruction and optimization methods of existing information systems.


>>Business consulting

Based on abundant experience, ZTE provides business consulting for customers from the energy and railway industries, large enterprises, public utility providers, and government organs. Business consulting analyzes the application scenarios of the industries to help customers plan their business development directions and select proper system architecture and technology.


  • Multiple analysis methods and advanced theoretical models.
  • Efficient IT supporting system and tools.
  • Combination of theoretical methods and ZTE's abundant experience.
  • Covering strategy planning and commercial models and providing practical measures for industries.

Customer Benefits

  • Customers can determine their development directions, adapt to changing external environments, avoid market traps, and focus resources and efforts on core business.
  • Through a unique combination of product and service characteristics, ZTE's business consulting service helps enterprises to have unparallel advantages, raise industry entrance thresholds, and protect enterprises' revenue sources.
  • The business consulting service enhances enterprises' competitiveness, optimizes their frameworks, lowers their costs, and speeds up their development.
  • The service saves customers' time and energy, and helps them to rapidly build business systems.

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