Digital O&M Transformation

ZTE digital O&M transformation solution includes two parts which are transformation consultation and transformation implementation service. Consultation service aims to provide expert level suggestion and advice towards the transformation of operators’ organization structure, O&M processes, KPIs, skills and O&M tools. Implementation service is to assist operators to smoothly implement the transformation plan by gradual steps including research, assessment, implementation and re-assessment.

● Comprehensively sort and merge core transformation factors including tools, people, process and KPIs.
● Include a systematic and multiple dimension digital O&M transformation muturity assessment architecture which includes market, user, tools and network etc.
● Provide an end to end, low risk, high reliable transformation implementation plan.

Business Value
● ZTE digital O&M transformation service solution focus on identifying key O&M factors, making feasible transformation steps, carrying out high efficient communication, providing scientific GAP analysis, generating reliable consulting reports, providing expert level support, to assist operators fast accomplished the digital transformation.

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