Service Solutions

Consulting & Integration

Relying on more than 30 years of professional service experience in the communications industry, ZTE can help customers customize future-oriented network architecture design, output technical suggestions on network evolution, and provide comprehensive consulting and integration services, aiming to achieve deep network transformation and stable service growth.

Digital O&M Transformation

ZTE digital O&M transformation solution includes two parts which are transformation consultation and transformation implementation service.

NFV System Integration

ZTE NFV system integration solution selects various technologies and products with communication industry's complete and E2E products lines and integration solution according to the customer's problems and challenges in network virtualization establishment. By taking the lead in coordination and integration of sub-systems of vendors, and integrating them as a complete, reliable and effective virtual network, it enables coordination of them so as to produce overall benefit and realize optimal performance.

Data Center Integration Service

ZTE Data Center Physical Infrastructure(DCPI) Integration service is a professional construction total package service consisting of electrical system, cooling system, light current system, firefighting system and interior decoration for the industrial customers in telecommunications, finance, energy, transportation, government, internet, etc.

IT Integration Service

ZTE has more than 30 years of experience in network construction and maintenance, and has a deep understanding of customer requirements. Based on the proven global delivery platform, ZTE has adopted innovative ideas and advanced standards such as ITIL and ISO20000 to create "one-stop" IT service products and solutions for operators, governments and public utilities.