Quality and EHS

With a complete quality and occupational health and safety management system and sound cybersecurity management standards and systems,?ZTE is committed to providing customers with high-quality and safer engineering services.

● By following the ISO9001 and TL9000 standards, ZTE organizes and promotes the continuous improvement of the comprehensive quality management and smart quality of engineering delivery, network operation, and maintenance services. 
● Complying with the ISO27000 series of standards, related laws, regulations and the cybersecurity requirements of operators and regulators around the world, ZTE keeps optimizing business management processes and practice, building professional cybersecurity teams covering the headquarters, regions, countries and projects.
● Complying with the ISO45001 standards, ZTE has established a complete organizational structure and management system of occupational health and safety and keeps maintaining and optimizing them, and fully complies with the health and safety laws and regulations of the country where the business is carried out. ZTE continuously focuses on the health and safety of both its employees and partners, and practices corporate social responsibilities. 

Business Value
● Provide customers with high-quality and safer networks and services.
● Ensure customers' reliable product security delivery capabilities.

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