Project Management Operation System

With over 30 years of experience in delivering large network projects worldwide, ZTE has established a complete operation system helps accelerate digital transformation through agile project management methods, precise SOPs, comprehensive project management mechanisms, and proficient project management teams. In the VUCA era, the efficient delivery of projects is guaranteed.

● Digital transformation: ZTE iEPMS assists in the intelligent management of network deployment, achieves the visualization of the progress management and quality management.
● Agile project management methods: ZTE defined "key actions for project management" to ensure efficient and agile network deployment.
● Precise SOPs for delivery projects: ZTE has formulated end-to-end scenario-based plans for its project delivery across the globe. It has formulated SOPs aligning with those of customers' and specified operational guides for end-to-end business, so as to enable project members to coordinate with each other and complete tasks correctly and rapidly.
● Comprehensive project management and control mechanism: ZTE has established a multi-level PMO (Project Management Office) system to implement collaborative and end-to-end project communication mechanisms, including project promotion meetings, project review mechanisms, and problem/risk escalation mechanisms, thereby promoting the fulfillment of project objectives.  
● Proficient project management teams: ZTE has been elected as a member of the PMI Board. Currently, over 3000 employees have passed the PMP certification.

Business Value
● Ensure standard and effective project management during project initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring, and acceptance, guaranteeing the fulfillment of delivery objectives. 
● Digital and visualized project management processes improve delivery efficiency and ensure project quality.

Honors and Awards
● ZTE won the PMI's PMO of the Year Award in 2011, 2015 and 2017. 
● ZTE won the "PMI (China) Outstanding Project Management Award" in 2019 and the "Best Practice Award in 20 Years of Project Management in China".

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