Site Construction

ZTE has developed a set of professional site construction specifications through more than 30 years of global communication network deployment practices. Through digital transformation, ZTE builds digital delivery platforms for sites, and provides professional and efficient site construction services for global customers. It covers end-to-end services such as site acquisition, construction permits, mains electricity introduction, civil construction, tower and auxiliary construction, and communications equipment engineering.

● One-stop mode: Full service capabilities are built on sites to enable customers to focus on network operation.
● Professionalism: Mature site operation specifications cover many scenarios such as new construction, capacity expansion, cut-over, integration, upgrade, and evolution.
● High efficiency: By building site-specific digital delivery platforms, site construction solutions, progress, quality, costs, and problems can be visualized to achieve high-quality, efficient, and low-cost deployment.

Business Value
● Provide one-stop service capabilities to enable customers to focus on network operation and user services.
● Improve construction efficiency and reduce construction costs through professional and efficient digital delivery.

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