Network Optimization

As a world-leading provider of integrated communications solutions, ZTE has extensive experience and success stories in network optimization, and can provide professional network optimization solutions to effectively improve network quality and customer experience. ZTE provides full-system end-to-end network optimization solutions and supporting tools. In the early stage of network construction, VDT and automated testing tools are used to analyze the network coverage, and antenna and feeder engineering parameters and radio parameters are optimized to ensure that network performance meets customer requirements. After the network enters a stable phase, information such as measurement reports, network probes, performance indicators, and alarm logs are collected, and various self-developed tools are used to deeply analyze user experience and provide suggestions to improve customer satisfaction.

● Full-scenario tools cover network optimization scenarios such as the optimization of coverage, capacity, and perception, as well as special guarantee and complaint handling, supporting fast data collection, data analysis, and solution output.
● Remote optimization: Based on automatic test tools such as ZTE AOS platform and WNG, network optimization personnel can complete various optimization actions remotely.
● Comprehensive experience analysis: With tools such as ZTE VMAX, ZTE helps to explore the bottlenecks of the user's comprehensive experience from the terminal to the server, and improve the end-user experience.

Business Value
● Give full play to network performance and improve service quality.
● Improve network optimization efficiency and reduce optimization costs.

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