Main Equipment Engineering

ZTE provides end-to-end solutions for terminals, wireless networks, transport networks, and core networks. For wireless networks, the evolution from SDR to ITRAN platform supports 5 multi-mode network types (G, U, L, NB and NR) sharing the same site, implementing zero-touch fast deployment and lightweight maintenance, and implementing dynamic spectrum sharing in 7 network types (such as G/L, U/L, G/U, L/NR and U/L/NR) based on the Magic Radio solution. For transport networks, the 5G solution uses the simplified forwarding plane, the native cloud management, and control plane to provide unified services for 5G fronthaul, midhaul and backhaul transport networks. The multi-service, intelligent, large-capacity, and highly reliable solution flexibly meets the differentiated requirements for multiple scenarios and the extreme performance challenges of 5G services. ZTE Cloud Native SDM automatic O&M solution implements automated management of the core network throughout its life cycle, including network planning, deployment, test, monitoring, upgrade and expansion. It simplifies the O&M of the SDM, greatly reduces manpower investment and O&M errors, and ensures long-term safe and reliable operation of the SDM.

● Wireless networks: Zero-touch automation of wireless sites through PNP+. With the Uni-deploy solution, the site commissioning, debugging, and troubleshooting can be operated via an app.
● Transport networks: For the IPRAN/PTN network, automated commissioning is implemented through the Data Communication Network (DCN). The automated cutover tool helps to quickly switch between networks. BigDNA helps the customer achieve intelligent O&M and monitors end-to-end traffic. The SR/Flex E/high-precision clock technology can meet the differentiated service requirements for multiple scenarios in a flexible manner.
● Core networks: The AIC tool implements flexible orchestration of cloud platforms and NEs, and supports automated deployment of virtual networks in various networking modes. The comprehensive O&M EMS of the core network supports the security and reliability of user data during NE upgrade and capacity expansion. The tool also supports automated analysis of virtual networks and outputs preventive maintenance reports, simplifying the system observation flow.

Business Value
● Facilitate the smooth evolution of the traditional GUL network towards 5G and achieve fast deployment;
● Reduce customer's OPEX through effective use of digital tools.

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