Network Deployment Solutions

End-to-End Network Deployment

ZTE's end-to-end network deployment helps customers achieve extremely simple network deployment and ultimate user experience in the digital era.

Network Planning

ZTE possesses planning capabilities required for the entire network construction process, including network evaluation, scale estimation, site planning, parameter planning, network simulation, capacity expansion analysis, and spectrum evolution analysis.

Engineering Survey and Design

ZTE provides engineering survey and design services for global telecom operators by using efficient survey and design processes and tools which are established through the successful delivery of a large number of turnkey projects.

Site Construction

ZTE has developed a set of professional site construction specifications through more than 30 years of global communication network deployment practices. Through digital transformation, ZTE builds digital delivery platforms for sites, and provides professional and efficient site construction services for global customers.

OSP Deployment

ZTE has continuously accumulated mature experience in optical cable line construction for backbone networks, MANs, home broadband networks, security networks, and the Internet of Things, and provides global customers with end-to-end optical fiber line construction services.

Main Equipment Engineering

ZTE provides end-to-end solutions for terminals, wireless networks, transport networks, and core networks.

Network Optimization

As a world-leading provider of integrated communications solutions, ZTE has extensive experience and success stories in network optimization, and can provide professional network optimization solutions to effectively improve network quality and customer experience.