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Service Solutions

    • Consulting & Integration

    • Relying on more than 30 years of professional service experience in the communications industry, ZTE can help customers customize future-oriented network architecture design, output technical suggestions on network evolution, and provide comprehensive consulting and integration services, aiming to achieve deep network transformation and stable service growth.

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    • Managed Services

    • ZTE's Managed Services Solution is committed to promoting the continuous evolution of network guarantee to intelligent operations, service operations, experience operations, and value operations. It helps operators build a digital O&M system, offer automatic and intelligent operation life cycle management, reduce costs and improve network operation efficiency, enabling operators to win the opportunities of digital transformation.

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    • Customer Support

    • The ZTE Customer Support Service Solution provides maintenance support service and spare parts management service. With professional service teams, standard service processes, advanced tool platforms, and global delivery capabilities and experience, this solution helps operators build a secure and stable network and develop their main business.

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    • Technical Services

    • ZTE's Technical Services focus on customer pain points and network potential, based on all-round intelligent tool platform, provides comprehensive optimization of the health, security, and quality covering NEs, networks and services. This solution is committed to building excellent network performance and service quality, and achieving a leap from network quality to network value.

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    • Service & User Experience

    • ZTE's Service and User Experience Solution focuses on the perception and analysis towards customer's networks and services. Based on the intelligent open big data platform, through flexible mining and analysis of massive data, this solution provides value-based network construction, value-based operations, and end-to-end perception management of all services in all-domain, helping operators improve their network value.

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    • Learning Services

    • As a corporate university founded by ZTE Corporation in July 2003, ZTE University is dedicated to providing customers with professional technology and management training services and solutions by adhering to the idea of "openness, professionalism, and sharing." With a global vision, it has established multiple training centers all over the world, serving customers in more than 100 countries and regions. ZTE University is committed to becoming the leader among corporate universities, providing end-to-end training programs for global customers, employees, and partners, and cultivating talent with more competitive advantages based on a professional knowledge service system.

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Network Deployment Solutions

    • High-Quality Network Deployment

    • To offer optimal user experience, ZTE is in constant pursuit of leadership in network technology and quality to effectively improve network quality and user perception while increasing network value.

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    • Project Management

    • ZTE has established a complete operation system helps accelerate digital transformation through agile project management methods, precise SOPs, comprehensive project management mechanisms, and proficient project management teams. In the VUCA era, the efficient delivery of projects is guaranteed.

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