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Land Site Solution

  • All-in-one Monopole


    All-in-one Monopole is developed to solve the problems of high deployment cost, difficult site acquisition, and low construction efficiency of macro base stations. It is a highly integrated, concise, and easy-to-install solution that supports site sharing and co-construction. All-in-one Monopole is applicable to the network construction scenarios of urban or suburban macro stations with landscape requirements.

    Rural Pole 


    Rural Pole is an integrated solution with low cost and shorten construction period to solve the sore points of poor infrastructure which has no main power or transmission resources and low return on investment in remote areas. Rural Pole Lite solution uses solar energy, green energy, wireless transmission and buried foundation,  which is applicable to network construction scenarios in cost-sensitive remote areas.

    Magic pole


    As the most dense urban infrastructure, lampposts are strategic resources and the best carrier for deploying 5G base stations. With China’s promotion of Smart City construction and Resource sharing , smart lamp pole is gradually becoming the mainstream in urban pole construction. Based on this, ZTE developed Magic pole as smart lamp poles with network construction as the core and multiple use as one pole. Based on domestic development experience, smart lamp pole is gradually launched in international markdet.