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Wireless Infrastructure

Shelter and Temperature Control System

Standard Shelter

ZXCAB Standard Shelter provides a suitable condition for telecom equipments against all weather and natural conditions. It is an integrated solution, which has built-in equipments such as AC power distribution system; environment and power monitor system, temperature control system, lighting and cable ladder tray, etc.

Container Shelter

To provide flexible and seamless network service, telecom operators have to make their best to deploy mobile network as fast as possible in some special scenarios, such as network reconstruction after disaster or temporary expansion at hot spot. How to deploy network elements fast is always meaningful for the operators.

ZXCAB container shelter is such a product designed for emergency or fast network deploy project. It is known that container is supposed to be excellent enclosure because of its high strength and standard dimension for transport. ZTE experienced engineers exploited its advantages, and created the container shelter product. 

Diet Shelter

ZTE Diet Shelter is specially designed to accommodate site equipment and provides suitable working environment.

Nowadays, operators focus on the investment and payback of the network. They are not willing to deploy site infrastructure of future expansion once for all. But most operators feel it difficult to make cost-effective solutions which provide a balance between current requirement and future expansion. For example, how much site space will be planed, how much cooling will be counted.

Based on “dynamic growth” principle, ZTE dedicated to supporting operators with an extensible, integrated, unattended, energy efficient and cost-effective site solution-ZTE Diet Shelter.